Why You Should Be Listening to Ali Wong

We all love comedians—anyone who can make us laugh is a thumbs up in our book. But there's a bit of a taboo in the industry, something that has bothered us for just a little bit too long—the lack of women, most notably diverse women. That's why we were refreshed to turn on Netflix one night and see a pregnant Asian-American women at center stage: enter Ali Wong. Then, we were at Club Bahia one night waiting to see Dave Chapelle and guess who walked out? ALI WONG. She even acknowledged the fact that she'd somehow broken into the "black comedy mafia" and was on center stage.

She takes it further than you think she will—and then goes a mile beyond that.

As an Asian-American woman—her father is American-born Chinese and her mother is Vietnamese—with a degree in Asian American studies, Ali has always given her culture the respect it deserves and brought Asian women to the forefront of an industry that once rarely held any women and almost no women of color. But what we love most about Ali isn't the fact that she's a women, it's the fact that she's insanely hilarious. To top it all off, she isn't making tired jokes or targeting women specifically, she's just saying reckless (sometimes borderline hard to digest) jokes. She takes it further than you think she will—and then goes a mile beyond that. 

Trust us, you need to see this. In the trailer below, you can see her in all of her beautiful, hilarious, WOC glory.

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