January Feed: The WOCs You Need to Follow

Every month, we'll be highlighting three women of color you should follow on the 'gram. Not only are all of these women stunning, they're also a true testament to the power of social media to raise awareness and help build a beautiful community of diverse women. 


1. Oroma Elewa

As a visual artist, creative director, and Businesswoman, based in Marrakech, Morocco, Oroma is one of the most intelligent (and stunning) women we've ever come across. She's a must-follow for every woman of color.

2. Babbu the Painter

As one of our favorite brown girls, you have to follow Babbu for daily inspiration that ranges from her visual art to her clothing collection to her ethnically edgy outfits.


3. Saint Records

If you're not following Solange by now—well, we can't help you there.




Oh, and if you're not following us and feel like it, we're on the 'gram, too: @tonalmagazine.

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