In the End, Did Hope Save Us?

We all know goodbyes can be hard. But this one felt colder than the rest, harder than the rest, and epically broken. Sometimes it's difficult to understand the political process—the ins and outs, the deceit, the overt high school-esque bullyism, but sometimes, there's a standout in the crowd. Sometimes, someone leaves you so full, you just can't seem to look away.

Being your First Lady has been the greatest honor of my life, and I hope I’ve made you proud.
— Michelle Obama

Enter Michelle Obama. Our (now, sadly former) First Lady had us all feeling a way when she gave her last speech as first lady. Donning a powerful red suit and her signature strength, her speech was all about "hope." A simple four letter word that her husband brought to the four front a mere eight years ago. But looking back, was it hope that brought us all back, was it the Obamas, or was it something else entirely? What we do know is Michelle Obama has been the spark we needed, especially as women of color, to keep our hope and love alive. For that Mrs. Obama, we thank you.